The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Your Family

If you were no longer there, would your loved ones know where to find all the information that they need to settle your affairs.

Research shows that, on average, it can take between 400 and 1000 hours to find all the information you need, contact the right people, close accounts, settle debts, obtain a life insurance payment and perform all the myriad of tasks that are needed when a loved one passes on.

Many people do not fully understand the burden that they leave for others if they have not fully prepared in advance for the possibility of their untimely demise.

By spending a short time organizing all the information now you can set your loved ones free of the burden and leave them just with the happy memories of the time with you rather than frustrated by the search for everything that they need to settle your affairs. It is the greatest gift that you could give your family providing them with peace of mind at a time of grief and loss.

The problem is that if you write everything down, personal details, account numbers, user names, passwords, everything that identifies you as a person, it can be found and misused while you are still alive.

Placing all this information ‘in the cloud’ carries a similar risk. If hackers can reach into the depths of the largest banks and credit agencies then anywhere on-line must be regarded as insecure.

Fortunately, simple to use systems that utilize a thumb drive or flash memory device are becoming available that enable you to keep your personal information in your own possession with complete privacy and security with the ability to make it available to your family after your passing.

We are researching the options that are available and will post when we have found the best solution.

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