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Prayer for Women                                                                       Back to Prayer Categories

With Miriam, who with Moses and Aaron led the people of Israel out of Egypt;
With Deborah, who judged the people of Israel in truth and righteousness;
With Ruth, who was an example of faithfulness;

With Mary Magdalen, who first brought the good news of the resurrection;
With Phoebe, deacon and leader of the early Church;
With Priscilla, who labored with Aquila in the service of Christ;
With Dorcas, who spent herself doing good and helping the poor;
With Mary the mother of Jesus, who said “yes” with no holding back.

With these, our sisters, We pray for women everywhere who see their families divided, their children sad; we pray for women who against all odds create a good place for their families to live in; we pray for women who, when tempted to give up, find new strength from their sisters and go on. Amen.

Strengthen Me As A Wife

Lord Jesus, You have redeemed me and made me Your precious daughter. Thank you for your gifts of grace, forgiveness and perfect love. Allow me to bask in those gifts and let them permeate every part of my life. Strengthen me through Your Word to be the wife you desire me to be, that I could honor you in my life and marriage. Strengthen our marriage to be a reflection of Your perfect love - the radiance of grace and commitment that you have shown to us. Give me Your eyes to see my husband as precious soul for which you died; and give me Your heart to love him in response to the intimate love you have poured out on me. Forgive me when I fail Lord. In my stumbling and sin call me to account and drive me to the cross. Find me there, comfort me with your salvation and guide me on the path of righteousness so that everything I do brings glory to Your name and light to a dark world. You are my Savior and my God, whom I love and proclaim, Amen.

Praise to God

Lord God, I praise you!  From the depths of my heart, with all that I am, I praise your holy name. You are the giver of all good gifts, and your blessings are overwhelming.  Thank you Lord, for all you have done!  The gift of your Son, grace, and forgiveness have all come from your generous and loving hand; and yet you have continued to pour out even more!  Thank you for the gift of your Word, which sustains and strengthens my faith.  Thank you for always listening to and answering my prayers with your great wisdom and understanding.  Forgive me for the sin in my life.  Open my eyes to see how I have sinned against you and remind me of how Christ died to pay for those sins.  Thank you for purchasing me with the blood of your only Son, poured out to pay for my sin, bringing me forgiveness and peace with you.  Thank you for making me your daughter.  You have filled my heart with your love and kindness; let me reflect that grace to others.  You bring such contentment as I dwell on your mercy and love; and my heart is encouraged as I am reminded of your faithfulness.  I praise you O Lord, my Savior and my God.  In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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